Mahindra Fathers Day Presents 2The tractor was delivered to the land last Monday. All week I was looking forward to getting on it and digging some holes, etc. Well the weather had other plans. On Friday I left work in New Orleans with a clear sunny sky. When I got to the middle of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway that all changed. It rained the entire rest of the way to the land. But it was probably karma that caused it. You see, I had to be a SA and call my co-worker and tease her that I was off and she was still working (only to be informed that she was knocked off also). There I was in the pouring down rain with a vinyl sign over my head attempting to stay dry and checking out the tractor. I may have mentioned that it needs a new seat or should I say it needs a seat. All that is there is the old plastic subframe that is in a honeycomb pattern. This happens to hold water. So as you can imagine I got a wet ass. Not a comfortable feeling when wearing jeans. I played with the front end loader a little but I was too uncomfortable to have a good time. I put on my pouting lip and drove home in the rain. As Saturday and Sunday’s forecast was 50-70% rain, I did not even attempt to go back to the property over the weekend. It was a good call after looking at the rainfall totals.

There is always next weekend. I hope it turns out better.


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