Finally Got Some Tractor Seat Time

I finally got to get a few hours of relaxation on the tractor. I bush hogged about three acres of grass and it really looks good.

Now all I need to do is:

  • Rebuild the shed platform that came from the other trailer site (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Reassemble the shed (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Run electric to the pole light on the front of the property (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Rerun the well pump from the temporary pole to the permanent pole (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Clean the land more thoroughly (Partially done 5-2012)
  • Remove siding to repair the leaking window (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Replace the floor in the hall and bedroom that the air condition leaked on with no one noticing that it was wet (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Plant spring garden (this is not going to happen I can promise you, there is no time for pleasure) (Still not done 5-2012 although Ryan does have several smaller gardens)
  • Finish siding the well house (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Paint the well house (Still not done 5-2012)

Believe me you, there are more items to be added that I am not thinking of right now.