Hard to Say Goodbye to Momma

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Hard to Say Goodbye

On February 7th, 2019 we said goodbye to my mother, Shirley G. Frught.

She fought long and hard before finally giving up in the end to be with my dad and her parents.

When it was apparent that she was not going to recover we told her that we would be okay and to go ahead and be with dad.

We will miss you momma.

The photo above is the second to last picture that we took together and I had no idea that she was doing this behind my back.

We took a normal picture right after this.

While looking through her address book to see who I had to call to let them know of her passing, I came across a note that she left for us under one of the companies that she got a check from every month.

It reads as follows:

"While I"m alive you can cash checks but if I pass away you have to return the checks to the the above address.

No tears please. I'm going to see if daddy is flirting with any angels up there.

Love all of you, Mom"

Needless to say, I shed a few tears after reading this.


Thanksgiving Food Baskets

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Once again, this year our Knights of Columbus council gave out food baskets to needy families of St. Bernard Parish, LA.


33rd Anniversary

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Cheryl and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary this week by eating at Nuvolari's in Mandeville, LA. It was pretty good but not necessarily worth what we paid for the meal. The service staff was excellent.

For starters we both had a wedge of lettuce with a bleu cheese dressing, bacon, and large chunks of bleu cheese. It was excellent. For our main course Cheryl had an 8 oz Filet with Flash Fried Oysters while I had a 14 oz Ribeye with Pan Seered Gulf Shrimp.

Loss of a Family Member

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On April 10, the birthday of our son Ryan, we also lost a family member. George H. Grunewald Jr passed away in Cloverdale, CA. George lived in California with his sister Mickey and niece Marykate. Something that I did not know until today was that he was a member of a band back in the 80's named Short Dogs Grow. He went by the name George Fenley. He toured with them on a whim by hoping in their van with his drums and dressed only in a denim vest, a pair of shorts and some worn out tennis shoes. He wound up staying in California for most of the remainder of his life.

You will be missed George.

Say hello to Aunt Lele and Uncle George for us.

My Phone Call

Today I called my mom to see how she is feeling. The call went something like this.

Mom: Hello

Me: How are you feeling?

Mom: Who’s this?

Me: Your son.

Mom: Which one?

Me: The good looking one.

Mom: Billy?

No mom it is not Billy.

Finally Got Some Tractor Seat Time

I finally got to get a few hours of relaxation on the tractor. I bush hogged about three acres of grass and it really looks good.

Now all I need to do is:

  • Rebuild the shed platform that came from the other trailer site (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Reassemble the shed (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Run electric to the pole light on the front of the property (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Rerun the well pump from the temporary pole to the permanent pole (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Clean the land more thoroughly (Partially done 5-2012)
  • Remove siding to repair the leaking window (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Replace the floor in the hall and bedroom that the air condition leaked on with no one noticing that it was wet (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Plant spring garden (this is not going to happen I can promise you, there is no time for pleasure) (Still not done 5-2012 although Ryan does have several smaller gardens)
  • Finish siding the well house (Still not done 5-2012)
  • Paint the well house (Still not done 5-2012)

Believe me you, there are more items to be added that I am not thinking of right now.


The Work is Coming Along

It has been a long time coming but we are making progress on the home site. The skirting is ninety-nine percent complete ( I ran out of 7″ spikes and had to get more). the fence is sixty percent complete (we did more the following weekend than the pictures show. With Mardi Gras approaching this weekend no progress will be made. Kelly and her family are coming in from Colorado and we will be trying to spend time with them as much as possible.

Finally Moving the Trailer

We are finally able to move the mobile home onto the property. We are doing it on 12-28-2011 and of course it is costing more to do than the estimate that we were given. But, I did check some other movers and they gave the same price within $50.

After it is on the property I have to did a trench for the electrical and hook up the sewer. The sewer pipe is already underground.


Land Purchase

Well, the land purchase has been completed for several months now. I have been there every weekend since purchasing it except the one weekend that our son got married.

The land had a lot more debris on it than was visible with the 5 foot tall weeds that it had when we looked at it.

I built a well pump house and installed the new well equipment. The water tested good and we are getting close to moving the home to the land.