New Pressure Washer

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As noted in a previous post, a hydraulic fitting on the tractor front end loader got damaged and spewed hydraulic fluid all over the place. I have been wanting a pressure washer and figured that I needed one to clean up the mess so while at Tractor Supply looking for the fittings that they never had, I checked out the washers. They had one on sale for Black Friday. It was a Simpson 3100 PSI unit with a Honda motor. Of course they never had any left so I got a rain check for it. About a week later I received a call letting me know that it had arrived. I proceeded to the Covington store to pick up the unit. There was no record of a rain check in my name. They went through hoops trying to find the rain check. They finally called the area stores and found out that I actually had ordered it from the Hammond store. I went to the Covington store out of habit since that is where I usually shop. I went to pick it up in Hammond. It is a Simpson® Mega Shot MSH31025H Gas 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GC 190 Engine Pressure Washer which is usually $399 but was on sale for $299.

Not being satisfied with the results of the spray nozzles leaving streaking, I went to Home Depot and purchased a EZ Clean 15 in. Gas Surface Cleaner. This thing is a life saver. All you do is guide it where you want it to go which is easy since it kind of levitates due to the pressure hitting the ground. What would have taken me 3 or 4 hours only took me about an hour with great, no streak results. After using the surface cleaner all you do is rinse the area down with the standard nozzle on the pressure washer. Also, no soap solution was needed for spectacular results. It set me back $69 and is worth every penny

Sanding Jenny’s Floor

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Jenny had indoor outdoor carpet in her sunroom where the dogs sleep. Obviously that was not a good choice for a doggie room so it had to go. We had to remove the adhesive that held down the carpet so that the paint would adhere to the concrete. We first used a stripping product that worked ok but took a long time to do each section. I came up with the brilliant idea to rent a floor sander to get up the glue. Well it worked great but it was a chore trying to get the sander to go where we wanted it to go and not where it wanted to go. Every time it hit a new section of glue that had not been sanded yet it went in a totally different direction. This caused you to be thrown around.  Jenny decided it looked fun to operate and wanted to try it. Here are some videos of Michael and Jenny sanding the floor.

Cheryl’s New Ride

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I just don't understand it, Cheryl thought that she needed a new vehicle. What? Just because it is 9 years old and has 287,000 miles it is not longer wanted?  The Ion still runs fine other than most of the accessories no longer function. The body is in fine shape other than peeling paint. I am just pulling your leg.

She works hard and deserves a new vehicle. Shoot, just putting up with me is a job by itself.


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Jupiter and the Moon

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Jupiter and the Moon's orbit become one.

DSC_4773 DSC_4774

Bonnet Carre` Spillway 5-18-2011

Ryan and I took a trip to the Bonnet Carre` Spillway in Norco, LA today to see the spillway in action. At the current flow rate, it is said to be able to fill 4 olympic sized swimming pools per SECOND! It is going to disrupt the fishing in Lake Ponchartrain but it beats the alternative which is a flooded city. And we know what that feels like.