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Cheryl got so tired of me asking for permission to buy a drone that when the kids asked her what to get for me, she told them that I have been asking for a drone constantly. Well they pooled their money together and gave me the Phantom 3 Professional model.

I have a long way to go before I will feel comfortable to fly it without using it in beginners mode which has a limit of  30 meter distance of the controller.

The camera on it is a 4K Ultra HD which is stunning.

I cannot wait until I feel comfortable enough to fly it out over the mountains and valleys of Tennessee on vacation. The law gives it a height limit of 400ft and no distance limit as long as you can physically see the drone. The controller has a limit of I think 1 mile. If it losses contact with the controller it automatically goes to a predetermined height and returns to the exact spot that it started from and lands.

I have the inaugural flight videos on the website here. You have to download them to view them because I neglected to set the camera to MP4.