Got a New Toy for my Birthday / Father’s Day

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Cheryl got so tired of me asking for permission to buy a drone that when the kids asked her what to get for me, she told them that I have been asking for a drone constantly. Well they pooled their money together and gave me the Phantom 3 Professional model.

I have a long way to go before I will feel comfortable to fly it without using it in beginners mode which has a limit of  30 meter distance of the controller.

The camera on it is a 4K Ultra HD which is stunning.

I cannot wait until I feel comfortable enough to fly it out over the mountains and valleys of Tennessee on vacation. The law gives it a height limit of 400ft and no distance limit as long as you can physically see the drone. The controller has a limit of I think 1 mile. If it losses contact with the controller it automatically goes to a predetermined height and returns to the exact spot that it started from and lands.

I have the inaugural flight videos on the website here. You have to download them to view them because I neglected to set the camera to MP4.

Welcome Oliver to the Frught Clan

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Oliver Reid was born on Thursday 6-2-2016 after a labor span of over eleven hours for Christina. She did a good job. Well, maybe Ryan helped a little.

The Website has a New Look

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After being tired of dealing with the old site being constantly plagued with problems, I have rebuilt the site from scratch with a complete new look.

Remember that this is our family's website and you are welcomed to provide any pictures that you would like to share on it.



Christmas at Mom’s Year 2000 or So

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Brady Arrives

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On June 4th our new grand baby entered the world. He is a healthy 7 Lb 20 1/2" boy.

Now I don't necessarily want to mention how he got his name but I guess I should. His dad is in love with the New England Patriots. Therefore he is named after Tom Brady. I guess we will love him anyways.

Go Saints!

Jenny’s Baby Shower 4-2014

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Grandparents Again

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Well, we have been advised that we are going to be grandparents for the second time in June. Jenny and Michael are going to be great parents. But having a baby may be a shock to Jenny's system.

Some of our Ancestors

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Elder Frught Brothers
Elydia and Maw Maw Gabe
Grandmaw Frught
Maw Maw and Paw Paw Gabe in the early 50s
Maw Maw Gabe
Maw Maw Gabe's father
Maw Maw Gabe's Mother

Elder-Frught-Brothers Elydia-and-Maw-Maw-Gabe Grandmaw-Frught Maw-Maw-and-Paw-Paw-Gabe-in-the-early-50s Maw-Maw-Gabe Maw-maw-gabs-father Maw-Maw-Gabs-Mother


3rd Semi-Annual Family Reunion June 2012

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The 3rd Semi-Annual Family reunion has come and gone.

Cadence Rides the Neighbor’s Horse

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The neighbor asked if she would like to ride his horse. Of course she said yes.