Corn and Shrimp Soup

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I got to make the soup for the Lenten dinner for the first time. Here are some pictures of the unfinished product. I made five gallons. I hope no one dies.


corn and crawfish soup1 corn and crawfish soup2 corn and crawfish soup3 corn and crawfish soup4

Charbroiled Oysters at OLPS Parish Fair 2012

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This is one of my favorite foods, Charbroiled Oysters.

The absolute best I have ever tasted came from the Tomato Festival at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Parish in Chalmette, LA.

If you have never tried them you should.

Oysters, butter sauce, and garlic.

How can you go wrong with a combination like that?

OLPS-FAIR-2011-32 OLPS-FAIR-2011-31 OLPS-FAIR-2011-30

Jenny’s Homemade King Cakes

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Jenny has been experimenting with making King Cakes at home.

Here are a few of here delicious creations.

One is plain and the other has cream cheese filling.

Thanks Jenny

DSC_4780 DSC_4781 DSC_4782 DSC_4783