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Hard to Say Goodbye

On February 7th, 2019 we said goodbye to my mother, Shirley G. Frught.

She fought long and hard before finally giving up in the end to be with my dad and her parents.

When it was apparent that she was not going to recover we told her that we would be okay and to go ahead and be with dad.

We will miss you momma.

The photo above is the second to last picture that we took together and I had no idea that she was doing this behind my back.

We took a normal picture right after this.

While looking through her address book to see who I had to call to let them know of her passing, I came across a note that she left for us under one of the companies that she got a check from every month.

It reads as follows:

"While I"m alive you can cash checks but if I pass away you have to return the checks to the the above address.

No tears please. I'm going to see if daddy is flirting with any angels up there.

Love all of you, Mom"

Needless to say, I shed a few tears after reading this.