The trailer is moved, the water, electricity, and sewer are ran. And they are now living at their new address.

It was not as easy as it seems. The trailer movers didn’t want to raise the trailer to the height that I told them that I wanted it at when they quoted the job. They did do it after I insisted. Had they put it at the level they wanted to, I would have had water come in the trailer when the land does flood (5 times in the last 50 years). My neighbor, who has been living there allĀ  of his life (the street is named after his grandfather), showed me where the water rises to every time it had flooded in the past 50 years. I wanted it about 6″ above that point. Now, on the other hand, the Base Flood Elevation certificate that I had to pay $650 for, said I could put the trailer on the ground. WHICH IS MORE THAN FOUR FEET LOWER THEN THE TRAILER IS IN ORDER TO NOT FLOOD!. Goes to show you how much sense that makes.

Entergy was another issue, I ordered the electricity to be turned on and was told that the engineer had to come out to see what poles need to be installed on my land to support the service for the trailer. I advised her that the property already has four poles (they cost $900 each to install I am told) and a transformer on it and that they only need to connect my panel to the transformer. She insisted that the engineer had to come out. (Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that it would be a month before we would get power). The engineers called me to set up an appointment for the next day and I told them that we already have poles and a transformer on the site. She said ok, then I will set up construction to come hook it up. Wait, wait, wait, no one construction calls me. I call back and finally get to talk to construction. They came out the next day and hooked it up with not one problem.

Now, I get a call today telling me that there is water leaking from under the trailer from the insulation. This is something that I did not work on when hooking up the trailer. So now I have to find the leak tomorrow.


5-29-2012 Update: there was no leak, the water must have been residual water from the leak on the front of the trailer that I have yet to look for.