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We have been cutting 2 or so acres of grass with a Snapper 28" riding mower. Not exactly the most efficient mower for the job. The man who I purchased the Mahindra from, also had two Kubota Diesel Lawn Tractors for sale.

One is a working G6200H which is a 16 HP three cylinder and the other is a parts machine G4200H with a two-cylinder, 12 HP motor. Both are the exact same tractor except for the motor size. Both have hydro-static transmissions which, to put it basically, they have automatic transmissions. Except the shift is a foot pedal.

The deck on the 6200 had a bad spindle so I rebuilt all three of the spindles. The other deck is pretty much scrap due to extensive rust. I also had to replace the fan belt and the two PTO belts.

I am in the process of painting the 6200 but I will not finish it until later in the year, after the grass cutting chore is complete for the year.

I will probably sell the motor from the 4200 since I can't see me ever needing it. I will probably be able to sell it for the amount that I paid for both tractors.

It doesn't look like much now but hopefully it will when I get it painted. It runs great and that is what matters.

Below are a few pictures of it pulling my little trailer. The only problem is that it is a bit too heavy for the trailer. This baby weighs in at over 738 lbs. Update: I converted my boat trailer to a flat-bed trailer and it is perfect for hauling the G6200 around.

It sure makes cutting the grass a lot faster.

I'll post some other pictures of the process in a gallery.