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I finally got to install the gift that I received on Father's Day. The sunshade went on without a problem but the seat was not so easy. The seat that was purchased (which was the exact same one I was going to buy) if installed, is only about an inch away from the steering wheel. I had to resort to a flat seat to give me the clearance that I needed. I happened to have a seat from a garden tractor that I had purchased in the back of the truck. I tried it and it fit perfectly.  It is not new but is in real good condition.

I will return the new seat and purchase a much needed overrun clutch for the PTO. Pressing in the clutch and going and additional 20 to 30 feet before stopping, even with the clutch and brakes pressed is not fun. It could lead to taking out a tree, fence or worst, which would not be good.

Update: I did finally go and get the correct new seat and installed it. It is much more comfortable than the garden tractor seat.